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FAQs for Individuals

Individuals FAQs for Individuals

Review our frequently asked questions to help you better understand our life and disability products.

Life Insurance Basics
Eligibility and Coverage
Dependent Coverage
Claim Submission

Life Insurance Basics

Why is life insurance important?
Life insurance pays a death benefit to your designated beneficiary if you die while you’re covered by the policy. This provides your beneficiaries with financial security after you are gone.

What’s the difference between life insurance and AD&D insurance?
Basic life insurance pays a benefit if you die for any reason, other than those excluded in your policy.

AD&D insurance pays an additional benefit if you have a covered dismemberment event or die because of a covered accident. AD&D coverage is not available on a stand-alone basis and can only be purchased with life coverage.

Eligibility and Coverage

How much life insurance coverage can I buy?
You can buy individual life insurance from Consumers Life in increments of $10,000, up to $50,000. You can also buy AD&D insurance in the same increments.

Am I guaranteed coverage?
We don’t require any physicals or medical tests. Your coverage is guaranteed based on how you answer the medical questions on your enrollment application.

When does my coverage end?
As long as you pay your premium, your life insurance and AD&D insurance coverage ends for you and your covered child(ren) the day you turn 65. Your spouse’s coverage ends on the day he or she turns 65.

How long are initial rates guaranteed?
Initial rates are guaranteed for 10 years. After that, a one-year age annual band applies.

Does my policy have cash value?
No. Our plans are term life insurance and AD&D insurance policies, which don’t earn any cash value.

Dependent Coverage

Can I buy personal life insurance for my spouse or children?
Yes, but only if you qualify for and choose your own coverage. You can buy life insurance and AD&D insurance coverage for your spouse in increments of $10,000, up to $50,000 maximum coverage.

You can also buy life insurance for your children age one to 19 (or 25, if he or she is a full-time student) with coverage of up to $10,000. AD&D coverage is not available for children.

What is the coverage effective date for dependents?
The effective date for dependents is one of the following:

  • The date the policyholder’s coverage becomes effective
  • The effective date of the dependent life benefit
  • The date the policyholder enrolls his or her dependents

When is a dependent no longer eligible for coverage?
A dependent is no longer eligible for coverage when:

  • The policyholder is no longer insured
  • The policy is canceled
  • The dependent child reaches an age when coverage is not available


What is a designated beneficiary?
Your designated beneficiary is the person(s) or legal entity(-ies) who receives a benefit payment if you die while insured. You must select your beneficiary when you complete your enrollment application.

Who are benefits paid to if I didn’t designate a beneficiary?
If you didn’t designate a beneficiary, benefits are paid in this order:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Estate

Who is the beneficiary when the claim is for a spouse and/or children?
The policyholder is the beneficiary for a spouse and/or children.


How will I be billed?
You have the choice to be billed quarterly, semi-annually or annually. In some cases, you can choose to be billed monthly. Consumers Life always works with you to determine the best billing method that fits your needs.

Claim Submission

Where do I get a death claim form?
You can get a death claim form online or by calling 866.925.2542.

Can I fax a life insurance claim to Consumers Life?
Yes. You can fax a claim form and related documents to Consumers Life at 440.878.6916 or email it to However, you must mail the original certified death certificate to Consumers Life.

Where should I mail a certified death certificate?
You should mail a certified death certificate to:

Consumers Life Insurance Company
Attn: Claims Department
15885 W. Sprague Road
Strongsville, Ohio 44136

How do I contact the Claims department?
You can contact the Claims department by:

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